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What Steps To Take If You Are In A Motor Vehicle Accident

Becoming involved in a motor vehicle accident can have serious repercussions. Whether you were seriously injured or not is the primary concern and the damages to your car. Having to navigate the roads ahead with the at-fault driver can seem like one huge pain and hinder you from returning to your life. Seek a lawyer for car accidents through Zappitell Law Firm, PLLC. We have over three decades of experience in getting our clients the help and representation they deserve.

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First Things First

Once you are involved in an accident, it’s critical to check on all parties involved for any potentially life-threatening injuries. Check your own vehicle before checking on the other car, and if necessary, call 911 if there are serious injuries. If you are injured badly, wait for someone to come help and request medical attention. Depending on your injuries, you will want to start building a case against the at-fault driver right away. If you can’t walk around and talk to people, calling an attorney for car accidents would be your best move at this point. Gathering information is crucial, especially in the early stages of the accident. Thus a lawyer can step in and complete these tasks for you if you can’t do them yourself. If the injuries aren’t too critical, look at the damage to your car and take pictures, along with pictures of your injuries, such as bruises, scratches, cuts, and any other physical evidence. Taking pictures of the scene itself can help if your case goes to court, as the police will have their own set of photos, but you may have different angles that could prove beneficial to you specifically. Talk to any witnesses on the sidelines and find out what they saw precisely. If they are willing to testify, get their name and contact info and take any pictures of the accident.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Seeking Representation

Hiring an attorney for car accidents can go a long way for you. Many people think that the accident is straightforward and will be over and done quickly, but that’s not always the case. The person responsible for the accident may not have insurance or may have tried to flee the scene. They may dispute the overall charges or what you are seeking in the way of damages. And the same can go for your circumstances as well. You may have felt fine after the accident, but a week or two later started to develop pain. Often, car accident injuries can take a while to fully manifest. It’s always a good idea to see a doctor as soon as you can after an accident to ensure no underlying damage to your body. And if this pain catches you off guard, then you may have to miss work, which is extra lost wages on top of car repairs. Bringing this into a case after the fact can sometimes make the situation even more difficult to navigate. Having legal representation right away can help alleviate this stress and extra burden off of you.

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Near Me

Although an accident between two cars is typically the most common form of motor vehicle accident, it’s not the only one. You may have a motorcycle involved in the crash instead, or the incident involved pedestrians. Someone riding a bicycle may have caused the accident or was hurt. There are many different factors on the road these days, and being prepared for anything should be your number one priority. Stay safe, and if the worst does happen, make sure you hire a lawyer for car accidents.

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