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When you have been hurt in a serious crash that was not your fault, it may feel like your life has been turned upside down. The pain you are feeling, the damage to your vehicle, the growing medical bills — we understand all the implications of your injury for you and your family, and we are here to help you.

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Led by founder renowned Delray Beach based car accident attorney David J. Zappitell, The Zappitell Law Firm has been successfully representing individuals and families throughout Plam Beach County and South Florida for over 30 years. Because we are top litigation specialists, insurance companies fear us and we are able to maximize accident settlements for our clients, just like you.

Our team of experienced legal professionals understand how damaging and disruptive your injuries can be to your life. When you work with our team, we will help you understand your legal rights and make sure you have access to the medical care necessary. More than anything, our firm wants to help you obtain the compensation you need to make the fullest recovery possible.

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Delray Beach Accident Lawyer

Motor Vehicle Accident Laws

The Zappitell Law Firm is experienced navigating the Florida laws that define your rights after a motor vehicle accidentCar Accident Attorneys can be caused from any number of negligent actions.

These include but are not limited to: 

  • Careless drivers (Florida Statute 316.1925)
  • Aggressive and reckless drivers (Florida Statute 316.192)
  • Drivers who exceed the posted speed limit
    (Florida Statutes 316.183, 316.187, 316.189 )
  • Drivers who improperly or unsafely changes lanes (Florida Statute 316.085)
  • Drivers who fail to yield the right-of-way (Florida Statutes 316.079, 316.0815, 316.123)
  • Drivers who unsafely pass other cars (Florida Statutes 316.083, 316.084, 316.084)
  • Drivers who is follow too closely behind other cars (Florida Statute 316.0895(1))
  • Drivers who violate traffic signals and lights (Florida Statutes 316.074 and 316.075)
  • Drivers who practice incorrect turns (Florida Statute 316.151)
  •  Drivers who fail to yield properly (Florida Statutes 316.122, 316.123 (1), 316.125, 316.006, 316.125(2), 316.121, 316.0815, 316.079 )
  • Drivers who ignore stop signs (Florida Statute 316.123)
  •  Drivers who improperly lookout when changing lanes, passing other vehicles, or changing course (Florida Statute 316.085)

Often, our clients suffer from life-altering injuries that take months to heal and cause permanent injury We understand that no amount of financial compensation can take away the pain you are feeling, but it can ease the burden of your medical bills and help you move forward with your life. Our attorney for car accident attorneys is here to support you, through your entire car accident claim process.

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