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Losing a loved one in a car accident is an unimaginable tragedy. In the aftermath of such a devastating event, families are often left grappling with grief, emotional trauma, and financial burdens.

Our wrongful death law firm in Delray Beach has helped many families from Boca Raton to Boynton Beach attain justice and compensation commensurate with the huge loss and trauma that comes with this tragic situation.

However, it’s important to know that you don’t have to face this difficult situation alone. Car accident wrongful death attorneys David Zappitell and Joseph Wagoner are here to guide you through the legal process, fighting for justice and the compensation you deserve.

Understanding Car Accident Wrongful Death Cases

Car accidents resulting in wrongful death occur when the negligence, recklessness, or
intentional actions of another party cause a fatal collision. These cases require a thorough investigation to determine liability and hold the responsible party accountable.

Based on an FLHSMV report, Palm Beach County endured over 170 fatal car accidents per year from 2017 to 2019, a sobering statistic.

Wrongful death attorneys possess the necessary expertise to navigate the complex legal landscape, ensuring your rights are protected throughout the entire process.

Car Accident Wrongful Death Delray Beach

The Role of a Car Accident Wrongful Death Attorney

Providing Compassionate Support

During this challenging time, a compassionate wrongful death attorney can offer you the support and understanding you need. They understand the emotional toll of losing a loved one and can provide guidance, helping you make informed decisions while alleviating some of the burdens associated with legal proceedings.

Conducting a Comprehensive Investigation

To establish liability, a thorough investigation is crucial. Your attorney will gather evidence, including accident reports, witness testimonies, and expert opinions. By reconstructing the accident, they can build a strong case, identifying the parties responsible for the wrongful death.

Assessing Damages

Determining the full extent of your damages is a critical aspect of a case like this. Your attorney will consider various factors such as medical expenses, funeral costs, loss of future earnings, and emotional suffering. By evaluating these damages accurately, they can pursue the compensation needed to support you and your family in the future.

The Zappitell Law Firm: Your Trusted Car Accident Wrongful Death Attorney in Delray Beach

If you’re in South Florida, particularly Delray Beach, Boca Raton, or Boynton Beach, the Zappitell Law Firm is your premier choice for car accident wrongful death cases. With years of experience and a strong track record of success, we have earned our reputation as trusted advocates for those seeking justice and compensation.

Based in Delray Beach, the Zappitell Law Firm understands the local legal landscape and has extensive knowledge of Florida’s laws governing wrongful death cases. We have had many successful cases settled both via litigation at the Delray Beach Courthouse and through pre-trial negotiations.

As litigators, our team of dedicated attorneys possesses the expertise, compassion, and tenacity necessary to fight for your rights and hold the responsible parties accountable.

By choosing the Zappitell Law Firm, you gain access to a compassionate legal team that will prioritize your needs and guides you through every step of the legal process. We will work tirelessly to negotiate with insurance companies, navigate complex legal procedures, and, if necessary, litigate your case in court.


Car accidents resulting in wrongful death are tragic and devastating events. However, by enlisting the support of an experienced car accident wrongful death attorney, you can find solace in knowing that justice will be pursued on behalf of your loved one.

The Zappitell Law Firm, serving Delray Beach and surrounding South Florida communities, is dedicated to advocating for families impacted by such tragedies. With our expertise, compassion, and unwavering commitment, we will strive to obtain the compensation you deserve, helping you navigate this difficult time and move forward toward a brighter future.

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