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In Florida, property owners, businesses, stores, managers and landlords have a responsibility to keep their property secure and free of hazards. Property owners legally have a responsibility to provide a safe premises to everyone who uses them. Since 1991, the Zappitell Law Firm has been protecting the rights of tenants, customers, clients, guests, employees and other individuals who have been hurt as a result of unsafe property conditions.

We Can Help You Win Your Claim

Strained spinal muscles, bruised or broken tailbones, open and closed head wounds — these are common types of injuries we see our clients suffering from when they come to our law firm after their slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents. While extremely painful, these injuries are also very expensive to treat, which is why financial support is crucial for our clients. 

For three decades, our AV-rated* premises  liability attorney and founding partner, David J. Zappitell, has successfully obtained tens of millions of dollars in recoveries for our  injured Florida clients.

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Our Law Firm Handles All Types of Premises Liability Cases

  • Wet surfaces
  • Spills
  • Broken handrails
  • Defective stairs
  • Poor lighting
  • Unevenly paved walkways
  • Defective sidewalks, potholes, or unmaintained parking lots
  • Unmarked hazards like curbs and steps
  • Inadequate security
  • Slippery surfaces
  • Icy or other slippery surfaces
  • Wrong use of floor coverings
  • Poorly installed carpet
  • Debris
  • Poorly secured retail displays

A Property Can be Negligent By:

  • Failing to inspect the premises on a regular basis
  • Failing to supervise employees and/or contractors properly
  • Failing to maintain premises
  • Failing to staff properly
  • Failing to staff the property properly
  •  Failing to remedy broken or defective things timely
  • This includes homes, apartments, and condos
Contact us if you experienced property negligence that resulted in a serious injury. 
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We urge you to bring any photos, recordings and other evidence of your fall with you when you work with the Zappitell Law Firm. Our team has vast experience with premises liability claims and is highly knowledgeable of Florida’s premises liability laws. More than anything, our firm wants to help you obtain the compensation you need to make the fullest recovery possible. This means helping you maximize financial support for your medical treatment, lost wages and other damages you have sustained. (Florida Statute 768.0755)

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When you have been seriously injured, you need an attorney you can depend on to protect your best interests. At Zappitell Law Firm, our team of skilled legal professionals is fully equipped to help you with your legal needs. Led by founder and AV-rated* lawyer David J. Zappitell, our firm offers customized legal services and quality resources to our clients. We urge you to complete the contact form below or call us to learn how our team can help you.