Stay Safe During the Most Dangerous Holiday of the Year!

Stay Safe During the Most Dangerous Holiday of the Year!

As you gear up for your Memorial Day Weekend, keep in mind that the other drivers on the road are just as eager to get to their celebrations as you are.

According to a study recently released by the National Coalition for Safer Roads, MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND IS THE MOST DANGEROUS HOLIDAY FOR ROAD AND HIGHWAY ACCIDENTS.

Between eagerness to get away for the long weekend and frustration with the added traffic and congestion, drivers are 27% more likely to run a red light. As a result, fatal car accidents are 4x as likely to occur on Memorial Day Weekend than during a regular weekend.

The National Safety Council estimates there will be over 400 automobile related fatalities and over 46,000 injuries the Memorial Day Weekend.

The Zappitell law Firm has compiled several driving tips to make your holiday travels a little safer:

Memorial Day Weekend Roadway Safety Tips


  1. Understand the times of highest risk – It would be ideal to plan your travel around peak times. The greatest risk for accidents is on Friday afternoon, when people are all getting off of work and are ready to enjoy the long weekend. Other high traffic times are Monday afternoon, when people are heading back into town after the holiday and Saturday evening.
  2. Allow extra travel time – With the increased amount of drivers on the road, traffic is expected. Please remember it is always more important to arrive at your destination safely, than to arrive at your desired time. Don’t try to push traffic lights or speed to make it to your destination early.
  3. Get out of your vehicle and stretch – While it may sound silly, moving your legs and getting some fresh air every few hours will help you stay alert on the roads.


The Zappitell Law firm would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend.

It is always upsetting to hear about accidents, especially if they can be avoided. However, sometimes accidents happen. If you find yourself injured by a driver, do not hesitate to learn more about your legal rights. Please give us a call at (561) 330-6330 or visit our website at

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