Be Safe on the Most Dangerous Day of the Year

Be Safe on the Most Dangerous Day of the Year

While many people associate holidays like New Years and Cinco De Mayo with heavy drinking and dangerous roads, rarely do images of anything other than fireworks and backyard barbecues pop into your mind when they think of the Fourth of July.

However, based on research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, July 4th Weekend is historically one of the worst times to be on the road. With more drivers on the road heading to parties and BBQ’S, the odds of drivers being reckless and/or driving under the influence increase drastically. To stay safe this year and avoid an accident or ticket, keep these simple tips in mind.

Drive defensively

Even if you are doing the right thing and have no plans to drive with alcohol in your system, you still need to be cautious of other drivers on the road who may not have had the same concerns. When driving to or from various activities on Fourth of July Weekend, be extremely aware of your surroundings, don’t drive distracted and practice defensive driving techniques. Use the “3 Second Rule” to establish a safe following distance from the car in front of you.

Don’t Drive Distracted

Pay attention and don’t use devices while driving (at least this one day). You will need to keep your full attention on the road and the drivers around you.

Avoid driving while intoxicated

While this may seem obvious, celebrators often underestimate how much alcohol they have consumed over the course of a day or while out on the beach or at the park. Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of road accidents in the U.S. In a large portion of accidents around the Fourth of July weekend, alcohol was a factor. To avoid risking your own safety or the safety of others, don’t drive if you have had a few drinks, even if you feel like you are fine to drive. Better yet, if you plan to celebrate this weekend with alcohol, pre determine a designated sober driver or plan to use a ride sharing service like Uber or Lyft.

Buckle up

It may seem like the most basic rule when you get into a car, but wearing a seat buckle can save your life in a car crash in many cases. We know the car may be hot or you may just be driving down the street, but every time, without exception, you should buckle up when you are in a moving vehicle.

Allow for additional travel time

Being prepared for traffic and a longer than expected drive can make all the difference in safety. The Fourth of July is one of the major national holidays, millions of families and individuals decide to spend their weekend visiting friends and family members or on vacation. As a result of this, there will definitely be more traffic and more vehicles on the road. If you consider the additional time your trip will take, you won’t feel rushed. You will be less inclined to speed and you won’t utilize risky driving maneuvers to attempt to avoid traffic or get past it.

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