There are many causes of bike-car accidents

As a bicyclist, you know one thing to be true: You never want to be involved in an accident with a vehicle. Not only are you at a size disadvantage, but you don’t have much protection between you and the other vehicle (as well as the road). There are many causes of bike-car accidents, all…

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How to ride your bike in the rain

Although you may not set out to ride your bike in the rain, you could find yourself faced with this situation at some point. When the rain begins to fall, it’s imperative that you watch what you’re doing. Neglecting to change your approach could put you at risk of an accident. Here are some top…

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What are the main causes of car accidents?

As you make your way down the road, you hope that you’re never involved in a motor vehicle accident. While you do your best to avoid trouble, there are drivers who don’t put nearly as much time into this. The best thing you can do is understand the most common causes of car accidents. By…

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